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Add Solution Platforms to VS2010 toolbar

How to add solution platforms to the VS2010 toolbar.

  1. Right click any toolbar and select customize…
  2. Goto commands tab
  3. Click toolbar radio button – and scroll to e.g. Standard (this is the toolbar you like to edit)
  4. Click the Add Command… button
  5. In the categories list locate Build
  6. And then in the Commands list locate Solution Platform. Select it and click OK
  7. Then use the Move up/move down buttons to position the command.
  8. Click Close (your done!)


Rename resx (bug?)

If you rename a resx inside Visual Studio and rebuild.. creating a new assembly. The resource name is still the same as before. BUT if you delete the solution .ncb file and rebuild again THEN the resx/resource have the new name in the assembly! Check using Red Gate Reflector. This is tested and verified on Visual Studio 20005 sp1.