Get taskmgr.exe parameter is incorrect

If you get the “taskmgr.exe… The parameter is incorrect.” dialog.. keep reading.


Adobe Lightroom and XMP (only 90%)

Adobe Lightroom don’t have full support for XMP sidecar files – that is when used with e.g. JPEG’s. Vote here so Adobe implement this feature request in the future – please!!

Update: Some additional info from the Adobe Forum: Develop Settings: jpg/xmp“No, that is not possible. XMP data for JPEG, TIFF, PSD and DNG is always saved to the file itself…”

An alternative is xEmP or even better use IMatch (with 100% XMP support).

Add Solution Platforms to VS2010 toolbar

How to add solution platforms to the VS2010 toolbar.

  1. Right click any toolbar and select customize…
  2. Goto commands tab
  3. Click toolbar radio button – and scroll to e.g. Standard (this is the toolbar you like to edit)
  4. Click the Add Command… button
  5. In the categories list locate Build
  6. And then in the Commands list locate Solution Platform. Select it and click OK
  7. Then use the Move up/move down buttons to position the command.
  8. Click Close (your done!)