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Found the solution to Nvidia installation error code 28

Finally! I found a solution that worked for the Nvidia error code 28. During installation I kept getting an error (both Nvidia installer and Windows Update). Tried to remove all references to the Nvidia driver but nothing worked. Did safe mode, cleaning registry, etc. But nothing seamed to fix the “code 28” error.

Until I lanched the “sfc /scannow” (more on the System File Checker tool in the Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files). But after running sfc and it fixed so system files the Nvidia driver installation was again running like a life through butter 🙂

Problem solved! (I did this fix on Win10 build 10074).

Using StringWriter with XmlWriter

So how to use the StringWriter with XmlWriter to get XML string form the writer without going through IO. You need to use some writer object to make it produce XML – but don’t need to serialize this to disk. How to do this?

  1. First you need a StringWriter (sw) object.
  2. The a XmlWriter is created with by sending the sw as input to the constructor of XmlWriter.
  3. Then use the XmlWriter
  4. Now you need to flush the sw. Call close on the StringWriter
  5. And close the XmlWriter
  6. Then you get the XML from the sw.ToString method.

StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
var writer = XmlWriter.Create(sw);
//Don't need to do this writer.Close();
Console.WriteLine("returned with sw:" + sw.ToString());

Add Solution Platforms to VS2010 toolbar

How to add solution platforms to the VS2010 toolbar.

  1. Right click any toolbar and select customize…
  2. Goto commands tab
  3. Click toolbar radio button – and scroll to e.g. Standard (this is the toolbar you like to edit)
  4. Click the Add Command… button
  5. In the categories list locate Build
  6. And then in the Commands list locate Solution Platform. Select it and click OK
  7. Then use the Move up/move down buttons to position the command.
  8. Click Close (your done!)