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How to fix missing status icons in Windows

See Craig Buckler’s post on

  1. Backup HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers
  2. Delete or rename the folders to get the one you need at the top. Note: Windows 8 only support 15 shell icon overlay identifiers! See


CShell is an interactive C# scripting environment

CShell is an interactive C# scripting environment. It allows you to use C# without any fluff right in a console like environment called a read-eval-print-loop (REPL). Your code is directly evaluated and executed in a shell window, no separate executable has to be compiled and then run in a different process. More elaborate code can be written in a C# script and then evaluated as one file, only one line, or a selection. Then, your results can be easily dumped to HTML (like LINQPad) or viewed as a data grid or plotted to a chart.


A simple, yet powerful, C# scripting IDE


Get taskmgr.exe parameter is incorrect

If you get the “taskmgr.exe… The parameter is incorrect.” dialog.. keep reading.


Adobe Lightroom and XMP (only 90%)

Adobe Lightroom don’t have full support for XMP sidecar files – that is when used with e.g. JPEG’s. Vote here so Adobe implement this feature request in the future – please!!

Update: Some additional info from the Adobe Forum: Develop Settings: jpg/xmp“No, that is not possible. XMP data for JPEG, TIFF, PSD and DNG is always saved to the file itself…”

An alternative is xEmP or even better use IMatch (with 100% XMP support).